Sorting Algorithms

screenshot of the sorting algorithms software program

[Download on GitHub]

Note: This software requires a java-environment

This software was developed with the aim to enrich teaching and learning in the area of sorting algorithms with new possibilities. It visualizes the selected sorting algorithm by performing the sort on a user defined number sequence and displaying a protocol of the sorting steps.

Sorting Algorithms is licensed under the terms of GPL v3 and therefore may be used and distributed freely. As I am interested in improving the software please contact me with your ideas (or as a developer get your hands dirty and create a pull request on github).

At this point I want to thank Dr. Klaus-J. Förster and René Goertz who allowed me to develop this as a university project and contributed to its success through feedback and proposals.

The project technically is my oldest project that is available to the public. It started as an university project during my bachelor studies (2015) and was since forked into sorting-algorithms, a project which is available here.

I however decided to maintain sorting-algorithms as a separate project with the clear goal to cover sorting algorithms only. Updates to sorting-algorithms are not reflected in teaching-algorithms which hasn't received any updates since 2016.

Currently supported algorithms:

  • Bubblesort
  • Selectionsort
  • Radixsort
  • Quicksort
  • Heapsort (Min-/Maxheap)
  • Insertionsort
  • Shellsort
  • missing something here? - let me know

noteworthy features:

  • single step execution
  • visual representation of the sorting algorithms as protocol
  • generation of random numbers for sorting tasks
  • LaTeX-Export